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History trips

Our historical itineraries span centuries, cultures and countries.

Each focuses on a key historical event, a flashpoint, or a region with an illustrious past. In Sicily, our subject is the pivotal role the island played in the history of the Mediterranean - and the endless intermixing of the European, North African and Middle Eastern worlds that was the result.  In Normandy, we begin to understand England’s mediaeval history by examining the 10th and 12th centuries in Normandy and Anjou, when revolutionary changes were hammered out in political, religious and military life.

Of course, the fact we’re often standing on the spot where events unfolded adds tremendous excitement and energy to our discussions: so too the beauty of many of the settings. But in every case, the key to making our trips memorable is the expertise of our guest speakers, and their ability to bring an historical moment back to life.

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Power & Patronage in Florence The history of Renaissance art and architecture

24 - 28 Oct 2019 £1,025
13 space(s) remaining
Fresco from Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, photograph ©Timur Kulgarin/shutterstock.
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