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The Cultural Travel Company has asked our lecturers to pick out what they most like about the tours they are leading, here are some of their comments.

Opera in Verona, by Luca Leoncini

Verona is one of my favourite Italian cities. Elegant, easy to walk around, lovely views, museums and churches telling the long history since Roman times.

Great Gothic Cathedrals, by Richard Plant

The buildings seen on this tour represent perhaps the greatest adventure in structure and space in the history of architecture.

Country Houses of the South West, by Anthony Lambert

Perhaps the most appealing aspects of this tour are the variety of houses over seven centuries and the beauty of their settings.

The Loire and its Chateaux, by Steven Desmond

These castle-palaces, miraculously preserved in famous scenery, remain among the world's great cultural destinations.

Renaissance Florence, by Kevin Childs

No place on earth has the same thrilling concentration of great art and architecture as Florence. Combined with its history at the very centre of European culture, politics and economic activity at the dawn of the modern age, Florence is the perfect destination for a Cultural Travel Company tour.

The Glory of Ancient Greece, by Tony Spawforth

This tour offers a great introduction to the Akropolis, Delphi and other wonders of Ancient Greece and I'm very much looking forward to leading it.

Art in Venice, by Susan Steer

A highlight for me is the visit to San Marco, Venice's most ancient and symbolic monument, built as the palatine chapel, architectural apparatus of the Venetian state. Glittering mosaics above reflect celestial light, marble mosaics below are of stone from the earth; with the celestial above and the terrestrial below, the basilica encapsulates a medieval idea of the universe.